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Frequently asked questions about Electrolysis

Is Electrolysis permanent?


For over a century electrolysis has proven to be permanent, it has been recognized by knowledgeable physicians and has gotten scientific recognition. Electrolysis is the ONLY form of permanent hair removal it is recognized by the American Medical Association.

Is Electrolysis safe?


Electrolysis deals with one hair follicle at a time so with a trained electrologist the chances of any nerve or skin damage are eliminated. As for disease, I am not aware of any being caused by or transmitted because of electrolysis.
I use only sterile Disposable Probes and follow all Infection Control Standards.

 How does Electrolysis work?

A small sterile metal probe is inserted into the hair follicle along side the hair, the insertion of probe should not be felt. A small amount of electrical current is then delivered to the probe by an epilator. Depending on the method used the electric current destroys the hair root either by heat, chemical action or a combination of them both.

Is Electrolysis painful?

The discomfort during electrolysis depends on a clients tolerance, machine settings, modality used and other factors such as caffeine intake, menstrual cycle, physical exertion and stress. During treatments a definite sensation should be noticed. It has been described as a “slight heat” “tingling” or “stinging” sensation. The Electrologist should start of with a low intensity and work up to the clients tolerance level. The client should never hesitate to let their electrologist know what they are feeling.

What is causing my unwanted hair?

Many factors contribute to excess hair growth:


Regardless of the cause of any specific hair problem, electrolysis can be the answer to safely and permanently eliminate unwanted hair.


  How long does Electrolysis take to achieve permanency?


 Electrolysis requires a series of treatments given over a period of time. The length of time varies from person to person and is dependent on many factors. The density of the hair and the coarseness of the hair, the area to be treated, tolerance level of client, and the consistency of treatments. The cause of the unwanted hair and the past temporary methods used of dealing with the unwanted hair. Treatments will be more frequent in the beginning and then less frequent. OVERALL RESULTS, permanent, hair free skin, are worth the time spent.

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About the Electrologist

My name is Becky Stout and I am an electrologist  graduate of Cameo College Of Essential Beauty. I graduated top 10 within the student body of over 250 students which earned me a letter of recommondation from the school owner. Before I started electrolysis I was pursuing an education in nursing.  I obtained  a medication technician certification and a phlebotomist certification. I have a current medical rescuers CPR certification.

I have traveled all over and was even lucky enough to live in England for a while. 

I had unwanted hair so over the years I tried home methods of hair removal along with laser hair removal, all were unsuccessful. I found a fantastic Electrologist that permanently took care of my unwanted hair. I felt more confident! That’s when I realized I wanted to pursue this as a career. I want to share my experience with others.

Not only did I feel I could relate to and help a lot of people tackle a problem that I myself have had for years, I felt that it will give me the opportunity to meet alot of wonderful people. I have had great success with Electrolysis and I would like to share that with you. I use state of the art equipment and I am knowledgeable in all 3 methods. Email or call today!   (702) 232-9086

I am very excited about being in business for myself and plan to accomplish my goals of success through my loyalty, honesty, and happiness of my clients.




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15 minute session:  $30.00
30 minute session:  $40.00
45 minute session:  $50.00
1 hour session:      $60.00


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